Pilot Bidet

Pilot Bidet

Bidet (bee-d?) is a personal cleansing method utilizing a stream of water, which is more hygienic and beneficial to the use of toilet paper. The word bidet was first used in the 15th century to refer to the pet ponies kept by the French royalty. During the 19th century the Europeans developed a porcelain cleaning device for contraceptive and purgative (cathartic) uses, which was called a bidet for its shape resembled those ponies.

Over time, its use has evolved more into a personal cleansing method, paralleling the improved sanitation and the heightened sense of personal hygiene in the modern world. Unlike conventional bidet that requires major plumbing work, Pilot Bidet simply attaches to your existing toilet.

Pilot Bidet PB - 100S Natural Water
This is The Most Basic Model (Cold Water only)

الشطافة الصحية الحديثة - ماء بارد فقط
Pilot Bidet  PB - 300 (Dual Nozzle)
Warm & Cold (2 Nozzles)- Easy to Install.

الشطافة الصحية الحديثة - ماء ساخن و بارد
Pilot Bidet PB - 150 (Luxury Model)
Warm & Cold Water

الشطافة الصحية الحديثة - ماء ساخن و بارد
Pilot Bidet PB-400 Ultra Luxury Model
Back And Front Nozzles
Handy Spray - Classic Chrome
Handy Spray - Series 4200
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